NuEtch offers these Installation Options for decorating Glass and Windows with Faux Etch Designs and Decorative Window Film:

  • NuEtch onsite professional installation
  • Fabricated and applied to glass in our shop – shipped or pick up
  • DIY (Do it Yourself) Self Install

NuEtch has been been providing professional onsite installation of decorative glass solutions, since 2003.

Our trained technicians are courteous and neat, and treat every home as if it was their own, and every commercial space with respect.

Your expensive trim work and flooring is in good hands, we take every precaution and leave absolutely no mess behind.

All of our ladders and scaffolds are immaculate, so we never drag any dirt into your home.

All fabrication and pre-cutting is done in our shop, so the time we spend on location doing the installation is very short.

From Our Shop to You

For projects that require new glass or mirrors, or aren’t conducive to being done on-site to existing glass, we can fabricate and ship decorated glass throughout the USA. Arrangements can also be made to have it picked up from our NYC location.

We can also provide full glass services through our network of partners, and can make arrangements to have installations done by subcontractors in your area.

Custom Faux Etch Glass Designs You Can Install Yourself

For smaller projects that don’t require a professional installation, NuEtch offers a “Do It Yourself” solution. It is not a decal or static cling, but the same professional quality product that we install for larger projects.

NuEtch makes a Faux Etch Film application with the Look of Real Etched Glass that is easy for you to apply to your glass and mirrors.

For more information on how to install NuEtch DIY Faux Etch Designs, please visit:

For Your Business, we specialize in converting your Company Logo into a Faux Etch Film application that is easy to install on your office door or conference room glass.

See how easy it is to Do It Yourself (VIDEOS)

Getting Ideas on How to Decorate Your Glass

Looking at examples of some of the decorative glass we have done, can give you an idea of how to use different techniques and styles to decorate glass.

They show how to achieve various looks and how to accomplish your designing and decorating goals.


We use Solyx and Madico decorative window films to simulate expensive textured glass and create various strips and patterns.

Applying these films to existing glass and windows, provides privacy and creative design solutions that defuse light.

Eliminate the need for curtains or blinds on windows, sidelights and glass doors.


  • Design consultations and planning
  • Project planning, management and advice.
  • We work with designers and end users.


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