Distraction (Safety) Markers

Decals for Glass

A decorative way to keep people from walking into glass.


NuEtch Art for Glass Distraction Markers on Conference Room

Safety and Design

Commercial space is required by law in many states to have specific safety markings on glass panels and doors.

Quality Materials

Our plotter cut markers are made with 3M Film for long lasting quality.

They are made in the USA by experienced craftsmen.

Safety for Glass

Our markers are designed to meet safety code requirements.

A decorative way to keep people from walking into the glass.

Easy to Install

Our Distraction (Safety) Markers for glass are designed for Easy Installion by Film Installers.

We have a network of installers throughout the USA.

Understanding the Safety Code

Our markers are designed to meet safety code requirements, and enhance the look of glass.

Two rows of safety markers, one at eye level (60″ AFF) and one at 30″ AFF (for handicapped and children), is typically required.

NuEtch manufactures a large selection of stock Distraction Graphics for Glass and creates Custom Designs made to order.

NuEtch AFG-DM-11008 Safety Marker meets code requirements in NYC

Decorative Glass Solutions for Architects and Designers

Through collaboration on Design and Specifications, we create complete Solutions for Distraction, Safety, Branding and Privacy on glass.

We understand glass and how to design for it.

Let us help with your project.

Working together to get your project done!

Commercial buildings are increasing the use of internal glass walls as partitioning.

The Challenge is adding Distraction or Privacy to the glass, while complimenting the look of the space.

Our Solutions create designs for glass that match the decor and interact with natural light.

We provide Complete Solutions with a FAST turnaround!

NuEtch - Square Distraction Safety Markers for glass

Since 2004, NuEtch has been creating Inovative Art for Glass designs and Safety Markers.

Specializing in Easy to Install designs that Last!


A decorative way to keep people from walking into glass.

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