Decorating and Privacy for Glass Doors and Sidelights



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Entrance doors and their sidelights are one of the first things you see, so make a good impression.

The Challenge, let glass doors and sidelites do their job, let the light shine in, but make them look good while providing privacy.

Glass doors and sidelights brighten up entrances ways and help define the look of the front of a home. Glass cabinet, closet and pantry doors, create an elegant look but require full privacy. Each type of glass door has its own look and decorating requirements.

Decorating and Privacy for Glass Doors and Sidelights
Decorating and Privacy for Glass Doors and Sidelights


To achieve the desired result of light, privacy and design, glass doors require decorating solutions that are different from most other glass and windows.

Solution: To accommodate the fact that doors swing open and closed, Faux Etch Designs and Decorative films can be applied directly to the glass.

Let the light still shine in, and make a great impression.

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