How to achieve semi privacy for a glass conference room.

Corporate conference rooms are usually the centerpiece of the office space. They provide a comfortable area to hold meetings, and are often designed to impress visiting clients.

The challenge for the architects and designers is how to create privacy on conference room glass panels and doors, while still maintaining an open feel and stylish design. It is also a requirement, in many states, that glass panels have distraction markings.

A common solution is to have a solid frosted band of simulated etch film applied to the glass. While this will provide some privacy, and distraction, it doesn’t usually compliment the design aesthetics.

A more decorative solution is custom designed Frosted Art on glass, or Architectural Window Films with stripes, squares and patterns. These solutions provide semi obscurity with elegant design.

There are many patterns available to choose from, and we can help work with architects and designers to pick the right one to compliment their design and decor of the space.


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We Create Custom Distraction Markers and Art for Glass Designs, For both Decoration and Company Branding, see some examples.

Privacy Designs for Office Glass

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