Here’s some information about our Distraction (Safety) Markers
  • Our markers come in 4′ strips.
  • Materials: 3M Dusted Crystal Film with RTape AT75 clear transfer material. 
  • Easy installation – Wet or Dry method.
  • Transparent liner makes film more visible – easy to align.
  • Designed to meet (NYC) safety code requirements.  
Use our Strip Calculator to know how many strips to order:
  1. Enter the total linear footage of glass to get markers.
  2. Select if you’re applying one row of markers or two.
  3. Add some extra strips to the amount you order.

Tip (Make sure you have enough strips):
We recommend ordering some extra strips for panes over 4′, and for any possible mishaps during the installation. (1 extra per 10)


Method used for calculating the number of strips:
Typically glass panels are about 3′-4′, so dividing the total linear footage of glass by (3) is usually a good method.
example: (2) rows of DMs on 120 LF of glass – (120 / 3) * 2 = 80 strips 
Installation tips:
To make the installation process easier use a full strip per panel. Overlap adjoining strips for consistent spacing.
Avoid piecing together small parts of strips. 
Next Steps:
  1. Submit the RFQ Form if you have any questions, need installation, or if you need something custom made. 
  2. To place the order, please visit our online store 
  3. Orders usually ship within 3-5 business days of receiving payment. 
  4. Priority shipping usually takes 2-3 days to be delivered.
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