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What is Faux Etching for Windows and Glass?

Faux Etching for Windows and Glass, is an alternative to Real Glass Etching.

Faux Glass Etching, or Simulated Glass Etching, is the process of applying a frosted film design to glass that looks like it was sandblaster or acid etched. NuEtch offers cost effective solutions for applying a Faux Etch design to glass. 

Etched Film designs can be applied onsite to existing glass without the mess and expense of conventional etching, and can be removed if desired, without damage to the glass. 

NuEtch Faux Etch Vinyl designs have the appropriate frosted look and translucency to simulate real etching. When looked at from an angle, you can even see the “depth shadow” present in real etched glass. Our designs are precisely fabricated from the best materials and are used for both commercial applications like restaurants and office space, as well as in homes. They are ideal for large coverage areas and windows that require full privacy. Learn more about Faux Glass Etching

Does it look like real etching?
Yes. It has the appropriate frosted look and translucency to simulate real etching. When looked at from an angle, you can even see the “depth shadow” present in real etched glass. Our product provides the look of etching, and has the added advantage of the ability to be removed from the glass.
Where is a NuEtch design typically used?
NuEtch Simulated Glass Etching may be used anywhere on smooth glass or mirrors.


Some typical applications of decorative glass designs:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Glass Partitions
  • Glass doors
  • Store fronts
  • Entrance side lights
  • Tub and Shower Enclosures
  • Storm Doors
  • Transoms & Sidelights
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Glass – Mirrored Furniture
  • Cabinet & Pantry Doors
  • Dining room, Coffee table & Counter tops
  • Splash backs, Wall units, cabinet windows
  • Closet door glass
  • Lighting control & diffusers
  • Bedroom, Bath room, Powder room windows & Shower doors
  • Kitchen & Laundry windows
  • Office, Library & dinning room partitions & windows
  • Patio – French Doors
  • Mirrors & Mirrored Walls

See some examples of how Faux Etching or Decorative Window Film can be used to provide privacy and reduce fading of upholstery and flooring by reducing UV rays.

Will Faux Etching Provide Privacy?

Privacy While Letting The Light Shine Through

Alternatives to Curtains and Blinds that provide privacy for Windows – Transoms – Sidelites

Many homes have a need for privacy in areas of the front entry or over a tub in the bathroom. These are areas where a NuEtch Decorative Glass Design can provide the privacy desired along with adding beauty and character to a home. We have many design styles to choose from that provide semi privacy so that you can still look out, or full privacy that still let the light in.

Read more and see examples of both fully and partially private designs.

How do I select a Faux Etch design?
Choose a design from our Catalog to decorate your glass, or use it to get ideas. NuEtch has an diverse collection of designs for all types of glass surfaces. Floral, art deco, contemporary, traditional and oriental motifs are just a few of the available styles to choose from. Art for Glass Design Catalog All designs are custom-fitted to your glass area. Our Design Consultants can help you create the perfect look for your home or business. To select a design we recommend looking at the samples in our Gallery first, to get an idea of what type of design styles are available, and then contact us to arrange a design consultation. A NuEtch design consultant will meet with a client to discuss design options, review our catalog of existing designs, and evaluate a client’s existing décor or examples from photos or magazines. In many cases a sketch can be made on the premises. NuEtch specializes in custom designs, and will create the look that is perfect for the desired area.

If you desire a custom design, our in-house art department is unsurpassed at transforming your conceptual ideas into a NuEtch design.

How do I create an Idea Book?

Start By Finding The Perfect Design

Use Examples of Projects / Designs to Inspire your own Decorating Ideas.

Art for Glass Projects

It’s Easy to Create an Idea Book

Save and Share Design Ideas Using Social Media

Sharing them with yourself or others, helps make the design process Easier.

Use These Simple Methods To Save Pages To Your Idea Book:



Google +


Benefits of Using Idea Books

 Images & Design Articles Are Grouped Together

Keeps Ideas In One Place – Easy To Find Again

Easy To Save & Share Your Decorating Ideas

Makes Collaboration Easy Between Designers / Owners / Vendors

See Something you like – Share it to your favorite Social Media Account. 

Use SHARE Buttons on LEFT or BOTTOM of Screen

Use Icons Located at Left or Bottom of your screen.

When You’re Ready Share Your Idea Book With Us

How are the NuEtch designs prepared?
Many designs are taken from our extensive Catalog of Designs. Custom designs taken from wallpaper, photographs, camera-ready artwork and logos are expertly created by our Art Department. All designs are sized to your specific glass area. Only your imagination restricts the range of creative designs that are possible. Our in-house art department specializes in creating custom designs to fit any style desired.
How is the NuEtch design applied?
NuEtch designs are applied directly to existing glass or mirror using a chemical agent that cleans and prepares the surface, and enhances the bond of the design’s adhesive to the surface of the glass. The work is done on site, without the slightest danger to the finest floor coverings, furniture or adjacent decor. For large applications, our technicians use a chemical spray to bond the design to glass. For smaller self installations we provide instructions on mixing a water based solution to aide in the application.
How do I care for my NuEtch design?

The liquid used to install your NuEtch design will evaporate over a few days, but it does take two – three weeks for the design to “fully cure.” During this time, you should not clean your glass. If your NuEtch design is in a bath area prone to large amounts of condensation on the glass while showering, it is advisable to shower in another bathroom for the 2 days. Once the design is cured, care and maintenance is easy. Any commercial glass cleaner and paper towels may be used. NEVER USE AN ABRASSIVE CLEANER or Solvent – like Soft Scrub or GooGone – to clean the design.
Do Not stick any tape or adhesive backed materials to the film, it could cause damage when removed.
Take care not to scratch the film with hard or sharp objects.

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