Simple. Distraction Markings keep people from walking into the clear glass.

“Plain glass can be transformed into a Design Element that flows through an entire space.”

Decorative Safety Markers for glass can be designed to complement the look of a space.

Patterns and Shapes can be used as unique design elements.


Creative Solutions can add Safety and Branding to Commercial Glass

“We make it easy to add your Company Logo to glass”

NuEtch designs provide safety, by adding a visible distraction to glass that can match decor, interact with natural light, and integrate company logos.


Commercial buildings are dramatically increasing the use of internal glass walls as partitioning. This brings natural light into offices creating the illusion of more space.

The Challenge is maintaining some Privacy while keeping the light.

The Solution, use frosted films that diffuse light, and provide privacy.

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Commercial space is required by law to have specific markings on glass panels and doors.


“We Understand the Code” 

Providing Complete Solutions – FAST Turnaround


We Manufacture a Large Selection of Stock Distraction Graphics for Glass

and Create Custom Designs made to order.



All NuEtch Designs Will Meet Code Requirements

(See code requirements for distraction markers in NY)

Working with Architects and Designers to create Solutions for Decorating glass.

Decorative Glass Solutions for Architects and Designers

Through collaboration on Design and Specifications, we create complete Solutions for Distraction, Safety, Branding and Privacy on glass. Let us help with your project.

We understand glass and how to design for it.

Every Decorative Glass Challenge is Different.

We Can Help Find a Solution.

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